We would absolutely love it if you would join us in the fight against MND and take on an Olympic event of your own this summer to raise money for the MND Association! 

This can be anything from a 100m run to a Marathon or any distance in between (1.5k, 5k, 10k), a 40 or 240km cycle, a swim of any distance from 50m to 10km, a 20km or 50km walk, or why not something even more fun? Set up a charity football, hockey, basketball or rugby 7's match, leap from a 10m diving board or try a new sport for the first time! We would love it for schools, sports clubs and groups to join us too! For the full list of Olympic events* and even more fun ideas as to how you can get involved please visit The Challenge page of our website. 

If sport isn't your thing then why not come up with your own Olympic themed challenge? Try knitting a long jumper, holding an Olympic themed bake sale or an idea of your own... Find more suggestions at the bottom of this page!

We want everyone that is part of the MySpennylympics initiative to feel like a part of our team, that is why we will be sending you all your very own MND Association branded t-shirt AND a certificate signed by some of our amazing Olympian ambassadors!

You can sign up to the MySpennylympics by visiting our team just giving page. This will allow you to join the team and set up a fundraising page of your own that will also contribute to one giant MySpennylympics fundraising total! Once you have set up your page a member of the fantastic MND Association team will be in touch via email to find out more about your challenge and arrange for you to be sent your t-shirt and certificate!

We would love for you all to join our Facebook group to let us know how you are getting on with your training and fundraising, and to share your stories and your inspiration for signing up, as this is what truly makes it YOUR Spennylympics! 

As a neurological charity, the known link between head injury, brain damage and dementia means the MND Association will not allow its name or material to be used in association with contact sports, such as boxing, in which blows to the head by another competitor are one of the intentions of the sport. For the same reason, we prefer not to accept donations resulting from boxing or similar contact sports. Stuart and Charlotte have arranged to complete these events within their challenge without direct head blows.