Stuart's much loved brother Spencer, known to all as Spenny, bravely passed away in August 2011 whilst still in his 40s from motor neurone disease. He left behind his wife Nicky and his two young sons Samuel and Isaac, who he loved unconditionally.

Spenny held a special place in the hearts of all who knew him, and this was reflected by having more than 750 people attend his funeral. He was many things to many people, a well-known and talented musician, a keen footballer, a loyal and trusted friend and always the party starter! Whilst living with this terrible disease, Spenny worked tirelessly to raise as much awareness of and money for the motor neurone disease association as possible.

Stuart has always wanted to mark this 10-year anniversary and celebrate Spenny's life in a fitting way and that was the seed that grew into Spennylympics and with his partner Charlotte he has found someone determined and crazy enough to bring this idea to life. They are under no illusions as to just how difficult this challenge will be, in fact it has been described by some as impossible which has only fuelled their determination to succeed even more!

From the moment of his diagnosis Spencer and his family and friends have all devoted themselves to continue to fundraise for this vital cause and in the process have so far raised over £85,000. From 5 'Spenstock' live music events to a 100-mile row up the Thames, from race nights to charity auctions, ultramarathons to garden parties, walks to afternoon teas, they have kept the memory of this wonderful man alive.

The work that MNDA are doing is more vital than ever as every day there are more people just like Spencer who are diagnosed with this terrible disease and more families like his who are losing a father or a mother, a husband or a wife, a brother or a sister, a son or a daughter. We hope that by sharing Spencer's story with you and undertaking this massive challenge that we can inspire you to give generously to this most necessary of causes.

Thank you so much,

Stuart and Charlotte x

Spencer and his sons, Samuel and Isaac
Spencer and his sons, Samuel and Isaac


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